A Bird’s-Eye View of Microsoft Dynamics 365

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The fundamental purpose of Dynamics 365 is to manage financial, operational, and sales related business processes. Since those processes vary so much across industries and individual companies, the functionality of Dynamics has been compartmentalized into “Applications.” Think of it like a Lego® set of modules that organizations can put together to fit their business needs. You can purchase the entire system or individual “apps” for the functionality you need.

Download: But Really…What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Underpinning the business management functionality is shared data that drives the continuous flow of information and processes across the boundaries of departments, business units, and geographies.

Dynamics 365 Unified Operations (the ERP apps) can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (the CRM apps) can also be deployed both ways, however, some functionality is limited or unavailable in an on-premises deployment.

Basic monthly pricing as of January 2019:

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan from $115 per user
  • Dynamics 365 Unified Operations Plan from $190 per user
  • Dynamics 365 Plan from $210 per user
  • See more details and current pricing on Microsoft’s D365 site

...but wait, how about Dynamics 365 Business Central?

To find out more download the full white paper: “But Really…What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?The not-too-technical, not-too-salesy guide to Microsoft’s new cloud business management solution.

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  1. Having a system like Dynamics 365 that scales up and down based on your current needs, strengthens customer engagement processes, and improves collaborative sales as well. Besides this, it helps heighten security, increases mobility, enables smart investment infrastructure, power innovation, and improves accessibility.

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