Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Help Commit Partnership Improve Schools

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Building Better Schools with the Help of Microsoft Azure


The Commit Partnership, a coalition of over 200 individual partners in the greater Dallas area, helps the Dallas community to improve student success at the post-secondary level, enhance early childhood education, and train and retain the best educators possible.


As a data-driven organization, The Commit Partnership has amassed 20 terabytes of valuable data. Until recently, however, the organization wasn’t making full use of this data. Specifically, The Commit Partnership wanted to improve their data analysis so as to enhance tasks like:


  • Strategic decision making
  • Advisory services for community schools
  • Statistical reporting
  • Resource and funding management


Here at AKA Enterprise Solutions, we partnered with DataKind and Microsoft in order to assist The Commit Partnership. To help The Commit Partnership realize its goals, AKA replaced the organization’s SQL server with a full SQL data warehouse, migrated their SQL to an on-premises Azure installation, and took advantage of SQL Analysis Services and Azure Machine Learning in order to help The Commit Partnership reap the full benefits of the data they already had in place.


The end result was a user-friendly cloud platform which The Commit Partnership can use to run various models against their existing data sets. AKA has included both predictive analytics and machine learning in this solution, both of which will help The Commit Partnership to make the best strategic decisions from their data. This custom tailored data solution was completed in less than two weeks.


As a result of AKA’s work, The Commit Partnership has better control of their data than ever before. Recently, for example, the organization found through data analysis that there is a 70% correlation between third-grade reading and future success in school. This is the sort of determination that the organization couldn’t have made with their previous data configuration.


Watch the video below to learn more about how AKA, DataKind, and Microsoft helped The Commit Partnership have a bigger impact on the Dallas community.

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