Tech for Social Impact Day 2019: Helping Nonprofits Succeed

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Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact Day Gives Nonprofits the Tools to Succeed


On January 22, 2019, AKA Enterprise Solutions teamed up with Microsoft to host Tech for Social Impact Day (TSI Day) in New York City. Leaders and innovators from nonprofits and Microsoft converged in New York for this impactful event.


In helping to organize TSI Day, AKA’s aim was to offer nonprofit leaders the ability to share stories, engage one another regarding best practices, and find out more about how the latest tech can help them achieve their organizational goals.


TSI Day’s opening keynote speech came from Justin Spelhaug, Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact General Manager. Spelhaug’s focus was on how to effectively integrate privacy, ethics, and security as part of a tech for social impact strategy. According to Spelhaug, the four most important aspects of an effective TSI strategy are:

● Trust: Ensuring that an organization builds trust with partner organizations, governments, and customers
● Employee Engagement: Keeping employees engaged in order to achieve global change
● Digital Inclusiveness: Engaging populations that are traditionally underserved, and offering those populations 21st century job skills
● Digital Transformation: Working with some of the best organizations on the planet to achieve their goals by leveraging the latest technology


Spelhaug pointed to LifeWorks, an AKA customer, as a paradigmatic example of how technology can work to transform an organization’s potential. Watch this video to find out how LifeWorks is using Dynamics 365 CRM to improve their processes:

Following Spelhaug’s keynote, TSI Day included a number of diverse panels featuring leaders from nonprofit organizations and Microsoft. These panels were moderated by Katie Leonberger, President and CEO of CRE.


One panel, “Harnessing the Power of Data: How to Help Your Non-Profit Provide Evidence Based Outcomes and Manage Resources, Funding, and Reporting to Better Support the People You Serve,” focused on the importance of measuring outcomes in order to demonstrate proof of process to donors and ensure the continued availability of essential funding. The panel included representatives from the International Rescue Committee, LifeWorks, and the Commit Partnership. The Commit Partnership in particular is harnessing the power of predictive analytics to better keep track of funding sources, improve their consulting services as an education-focused community organization, and increase educator retention rates. Learn more about the Commit Partnership in this video:

A second panel, “To Protect and Serve: How Nonprofits Can Gain and Maintain the Trust of Beneficiaries, Donors, and Volunteers by Guarding Their Information Against Any Threat or Disaster,” highlighted the importance of protecting sensitive customer data in the face of various security threats. This panel included experts from both Americares and Médecins Sans Frontières U.S.A. (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders. MSF is a medical humanitarian organization that provides assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare. They leverage Azure Services to create a global tenant, allowing MSF to collaborate seamlessly across the globe. Learn more about Médecins Sans Frontières here.


A final panel, “Making Connections that Serve Your Mission: How Nonprofits Can Break Down Barriers to Better Support Donors, Volunteers, and Beneficiaries,” placed great importance on keeping volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries on the same page via better communication and collaboration. This panel included Americares, an organization focused on providing health services and medical supplies to populations suffering from disaster or poverty. In recent years, Americares has leveraged the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft Power BI Pro to improve their global decision making -- all while simultaneously decreasing their reliance on IT resources. Click here to learn more about Americares.


You can watch recordings of the keynote and panel discussions here.


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