Dynamics 365 April 2019 Release Notes Overview

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The Microsoft Dynamics 365 April 2019 Release Notes have arrived - CRM nerds rejoice! The Business Applications April 2019 release bring some enhancements and updates to the Dynamics 365 platform which promise to deliver significant capabilities to transform your business. It's important to note that deployment of some of these features in the "April 2019" release actually happen anytime from April through September 2019. Dates and features are subject to change as well. Without further ado, let's dive in and take a high-level look at some of the most exciting new features, updates and changes coming to Marketing, Sales and Service. (Spoiler Alert: We will be able to customize the Case Resolution Dialog!)


Dynamics 365 for Marketing April 2019 Release

  • Technical advancements in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
    • Extensibility for Campaigns & Segments: Multiple APIs for customer journeys and segments that integrate easily externally and via Flow.
    • Third party integration with Content Management Systems
  • An eye on increasing User Adoption
    • Easier onboarding: More intuitive onboarding experience, including a "Get Started" Dashboard, Guided tasks and simple trial sign-ups
    • Lifecycle enhancements & deeper enhancements: Easier to understand how journeys are running and see which communications were delivered, which weren't and why.
    • Deeper integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales & sharing information with sales reps.
    • Marketer friendly segmentation experience
  • Metrics
    • Lifecycle metrics: Insights page is more comprehensive.
  • Configuration Updates
    • Social Posting: Select Facebook, Twitter or both and schedule posts for now or later right in Dynamics 365!
    • Enhanced event registration experience: Enhancements include the ability for a user to register for free events, QR codes can now be embedded in emails, waitlists.
    • Personalized landing pages
  • AI for Marketing Enhancements
    • Smart Scheduling: A new AI feature that considers typical patterns and discovers new ones to build a preferred time profile for each contact.
    • Segment Boost: Find more prospects who look and behave like the best Contacts in your current Segment.
    • Spam score prediction for emails


Dynamics 365 for Sales April 2019 Release

  • Technical advancements in Dynamics 365 for Sales
    •  Microsoft Teams integration: Allow Sales Reps to collaborate with colleagues across different teams.
    • Better integration with CPQ (configure-price-quote) solutions.
  • An eye on increasing User Adoption
    • Enhanced LinkedIn Content: Sales reps can view LinkedIn profiles with no  configuration or additional subscription. Moreover, reps can receive alerts when key contacts change companies.
    • Simplified experience for new users: Welcome screen (role-based) and quick setup guide.
  • AI for Sales Enhancements
    • Content Recommendations for Playbooks: The October 2018 Release first introduced Playbooks. The April release enhances playbooks by providing content recommendations.
    • Revenue Predictions & Sales Forecasting: This feature will be available only in the Sales Hub.


Dynamics 365 for Customer Service April 2019 Release

  • Technical advancements in Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
  • An eye on increasing User Adoption
    • Enhanced end-user usability: Improvements promise to be around UI, enhanced timeline and better SLA timers.
    • Unified Service Desk users can host web applications using Google Chrome.
  • Metrics
    • Knowledge Management analytics: Knowledge managers can analyze knowledge search by total searches, failed keyword searches and ineffective or effective keyword searches.
  • Configuration Updates
    • The Case Resolution screen will be configurable!! This is something I, in particular, am super excited to read about! MVP of the April Release Notes in my book. A long overdue update!
    • Knowledge Article templates will be provided out-of-the-box.


There are loads of other details in the full Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Notes. Check them out for a full list and look for future blogs here to dive into some of the items discussed above.

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