How to Create a Better Online Customer Experience with Live Assist in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Are your customers frustrated? Are they waiting on hold, then asked to repeat their information over and over again?

Live help should be just one click away. Surveys show that the communication channels that have the highest customer satisfaction levels are live chat followed by voice/phone support.

Can your customer service agents chat, co-browse and initiate voice and video calls with your customers to resolve issues faster?

You can be the company that provides this and empower your team to create a better online customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 powered by CaféX is a fully integrated omnichannel solution, hosted in the Azure cloud and co-developed with Microsoft to ensure tight integration.

Basically it gives your sales and customer service agents a better way to communicate with customers and prospects online.

The key features of Live Assist are:

  • Live Chat: The agent can engage in chat conversations with visitors in Dynamics 365 with multiple queues or skill group routing. Visitors also can receive chat transcripts via email.
  • Co-browsing: The agent can start co-browse sessions from live chat or PSTN calls via a short code and remotely view and click through visitors' web pages and mobile apps. Agents also can push pictures and documents to the visitor's application. (Co-browse is included with live chat.)
  • Voice and Video: The agents can initiate voice and video calls with visitors during live chat conversations. Visitors can do a Full-screen video view while live chatting or hide video and mute audio.

These features help you to resolve customer issues faster and create more opportunities to sell.

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For example, say your company sells high performance bicycles.

You see an online visitor browsing several pages on your site. You can start a live chat session to answer any questions and guide them to the right product.

If they are having trouble locating the section of the website you recommend you can start a co-browsing section to take them exactly where they need to go.

Or if the visitor already owns your product, and has a customer service issue, you can send him the owner’s manual as a PDF file. Or initiate a voice/video call so that you can better diagnose and resolve his specific issue.

With Live Assist voice, video, co-browse and chat can run simultaneously during a session. This creates more personalized, intelligent experiences within your websites and apps.

A few specific benefits of Live Assist are:

  • Speed: Single click experience for online visitors with easy transition between channels.
  • Productivity: Tight integration with Dynamics 365.
  • Personalization: Face-to-face video interactions.
  • Sales: Higher online sales and conversions with rich content campaigns.
  • Security: Sensitive fields masked during co-browsing for security and compliance.

Plus, you can extend all omnichannel features available on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to other Dynamics 365 applications, including Sales, Field Service and Marketing. This means you can give all of your customer-facing teams the same unified external view – which helps them to generate more leads and close deals faster.

Success Story: Read how district m, a full-service advertising company used Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Live Assist to improve response time, increase lead qualification rates and boost employee efficiency. (Read full case study)

Live Assist is a tool that enhances the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and can be truly be used as a competitive advantage.

View the resources available on for more information. Request a free 30 day trial on Microsoft AppSource.

Beyond the traditional call center?

At Crowe we’re starting to see businesses adopting more consumer centric business models. For example, we see insurance brokers implementing call centers that support the employees of their employer clients, whereas, before it was just supporting the HR Manager. Taking on more client service volume requires that you have the right tools in place. Microsoft has a set of tools that are designed for this very need.

The team at Crowe wants to help you go beyond the basics, and use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to truly transform your customer experience.

If you are interested in evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact us today.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

Follow us on Twitter: @CroweCRM

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