How Professional Services Firms Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

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If yours is a professional services firm, it’s understood that a profitable bottom line is one of your chief business goals. But before you get to that point, an immediate goal is finding and maintaining clients. Your sales team must constantly give attention to your sales pipeline and to completing projects efficiently, professionally, and on time.

Having a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM allows your team access to all your sales and client data in one system. You can use that data to make smart decisions and to:

  • Keep up with each project’s resource requirements.
  • Have performance data always available and up-to-the-moment fresh and reliable.
  • Maintain a clear view of your forecasted pipelines and close dates
  • Quickly and easily make better decisions

With Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, management will have instant views into the performance of each project and the company as a whole, without sifting through endless detailed reports. This allows for quick decisions. If a project or department is having trouble, decisions can be made quickly, and adjustments can be implemented.

These days, social activity information is important and may impact your business. You need to know what your clients and your competitors are doing and what they are saying about your organization. With Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM, activity on Facebook, twitter, or other social media can be directly delivered into a Dynamics 365 social feed. This feature will be valuable for enhancing talent searches, collaborating and communicating with your clients, keeping ahead of the competition, accelerating sales cycles, and improving project delivery.

Mobile technology has also become a game-changer. Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM offers improved productivity and drives project success through mobile apps. Your sales and services teams in the field can access client information from anywhere at any time. This leads to more efficient projects, keeping your clients happy and your bottom line healthy.

If you’d like to learn about other ways Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can help your project-based business be more productive, collaborative, and successful, contact our CRM experts at BroadPoint today.

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