How an embedded PowerApp enables faster sales quoting

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Creating sales opportunity in Dynamics 365 which involve multiple products can prove repetitive and time-consuming.

That's because default controls force users to select one product at a time. For busy sales professionals creating multi-line quotes this is a drawn-out process.

Thanks to the Microsoft Power Platform, flexible solutions have emerged to save time and create better user experiences.

To enhance this workflow, a canvas PowerApp is embedded with a model-driven opportunity form. This provides a new interface enabling users to quickly build opportunities by adding multiple items.

In this scenario, a sales rep works for a company supplying horse trailers. A new opportunity needs to be tracked for the supply of a trailer and this will be customized with a series of add-ons.

To quickly complete this, an embedded PowerApp enables multiple items to be instantly added.

Building Multi-Product Opportunities

First, we'll create a new opportunity record and reference the appropriate Price List.

Next, we'll switch to the Opportunity Product PowerApp tab. After selecting an option to add multiple products, an option set lists products in the price list.

From this view, users can scroll through to select and add multiple products.

Multi-select products

For organisations working with complex product catalogues, a search dialog can still be used to quickly find the relevant items.

In this example, we'll search for the base trailer that the selected add-on's will be applied to. Typing 'trailer' filters the list so the user can immediately select and add the correct product.

The list now consists of 6 items representing the base trailer and add-ons. As shown below, individual items can easily be removed by clicking the bin icon.

To progress, we'll select Create All.

Product Selector

Individual product lines are then customized to update volumes, pricing and discounts by selecting the appropriate item.

In this instance, we'll increase the quantity of feed buckets that will be supplied. Upon clicking 'Save' the current opportunity total is updated. Individual products can be deleted if these are no longer needed.

Once product quantities and other variables are confirmed, users can switch to the regular model-driven interface.

This shows the completed detail enabling them to progress the opportunity and create a quote.

If you are looking to significantly reduce time and effort in configuring opportunities and sales quotes, get in touch to find out more about this embedded PowerApp.

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