Achieve CRM Implementation Success with the Right Solution and the Right Partner

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Growing businesses today realize how important it is to have the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to help them automate processes and leverage insights. This is true for member-based associations, nonprofits, and other organizations who want to form stronger connections with their clients.

Selecting and implementing a new CRM solution requires big decisions and strategic budgeting.

The ones tasked with choosing the best solution should also be concerned with choosing the best partner to help implement the solution. The success off your CRM implementation project depends on it.

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Successful CRM implementation begins with the right partnership

The right CRM partner can assist you in getting the very best out of your CRM investment. Being familiar with your business and your organizational goals, your partner can help you personalize or even customize your system to meet your needs. The right partner will do more than just sell you some software and plug it in; they will oversee your project from start to finish to ensure a successful implementation.

What can you expect from the right partner? Here are just a few key elements:

Stay on budget and on scope

Your partner can help you set realistic goals and limitations based on your budget. It’s not unusual for clients starting out with CRM to want all the ‘bells and whistles.’ But that’s not realistic. Added features mean added costs. Your partner can help you differentiate between needs and wants and can suggest which features might be added at a future time.

Your partner will evaluate your organization’s requirements and determine a reasonable scope for your project. Having worked with your industry before they’ll have the knowledge and experience to lead you to features you need and away from those you don’t.

Stay on schedule

Open and honest communication is essential to keeping the CRM project on schedule. You will have questions about the product, and your partner should have the answers you need. Regular proactive conversations prevent wrong expectations or wasted time.

At BroadPoint, we keep Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM projects on track with regular status meetings, weekly reports, and communication with clients through email or scheduled meetings. We keep tuned in to our clients’ questions, any anticipated changes in their business, or concerns they may have about the solution’s functionality.

Assure team buy-in of the solution

Sadly, the number one reason for failed CRM projects is the failure of team members to adopt the system. The CRM solution is often researched and purchased by management who might not be end users.

Very often, those team members who will actually use the system are not included in the initial discussions or the implementation process. When introduced to the solution at a later stage, it’s possible that the system won’t have been set up to enhance their jobs or they won’t have been shown how it benefits them.

By encouraging team participation through different stages of the implementation process, CRM experts can help the internal project manager secure buy-in for the project. This results in smoother sailing, happier users, and successful projects.

CRM project implementation is a partnership

The real power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comes from how your Microsoft partner can personalize it to your needs. If you are going to be happy with the end product and the experience, take care to pick a partner that has a plan to make the implementation process a success.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, contact our experts at BroadPoint.

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