4 Ways Relationship Assistant in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Can Make Your Life Easier

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Don’t we all wish we had a personal assistant to help keep us organized?

If you have ever missed an important deadline, let a sales opportunity slip through your fingers or inadvertently ignored a critical email you know an assistant could have helped.

Few of us can afford a personal assistant, but all Microsoft Dynamics 365 users can use Relationship Assistant and get some of the same benefits.

One of our Crowe team members, Uma Mahe, recently came back from a training and had some key takeaways about the benefits of two tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement that you have probably never heard of, but you should. In this post we will shed some light on Relationship Assistant and the next post will focus on Live Assist.

Relationship Assistant

Relationship assistant monitors your daily actions and communications and intelligently generates a collection of action cards while analyzing data from Dynamics 365, Exchange, Bing and MSN Money. These cards are displayed throughout the application.

Here are a few specific ways Relationship Assistant can make your life easier:

1) Track Deadlines

As a sales person, you need to keep track of your daily tasks so you don’t miss any due dates. With simple steps you can tell the system to keep track of deadlines and send notifications to you.  Relationship assistant will analyze your deals, checks the dues dates and notify you in your Dynamics 365 or mobile app.

2) Show Opportunities That Need Attention

As a sales manager, you are responsible for evaluating which deals get the least attention from your sales team. Based on the information you collect you are able to decide what can be done to save the customer relationship. To do this manually you need to analyze all types of communication - call, meetings, tasks, emails… for each customer individually. It is very hard to connect all of this data.

To make this process easier, Relationship Assistant has a special card that shows 'No activity with Opportunity'. For example, if you set “14” as the number of days of inactivity the system activates monitoring of all records of all potential deals with the customer. On the 14th day of no communication you will receive a notification. You can then discuss this issue with your team members and take necessary action.

3) Plan Meetings in Nearby Locations

As an outside sales rep, you often plan meetings at random locations. To best utilize your time, you might want to meet with another prospect or customer while you are in the area. Relationship assistant has a special card called 'Productivity Cards' that makes it easy to find potential customers located nearby. You can also see the meeting information, attendees, location map and flight information to help plan your meeting.

4) Monitor Incoming Emails for Specific Criteria

As a business owner checking email is a never ending task. Yet you have to keep up with the constant flow of emails so they don’t miss something important. Relationship assistant offers 'Email cards'. When you activate this your invisible assistant will start checking your emails on daily basis. When it finds an email that meets the criteria you set, you will receive an immediate notification. For example, you could receive an alert when:

  • A competitor’s name is mentioned.
  • A customer is asking a question.
  • A specific issue is mention.
  • A file is requested.

With this system you won’t miss these important emails and you can respond faster.

Are you ready for a personal assistant?

Relationship Assistant in Microsoft Dynamics 365 acts like an invisible personal assistant, working in the background to make your life easier.

To find out more about getting Relationship Assistant set up in Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact us today. We would be happy to assist you.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner www.CroweCRM.com

Follow us on Twitter: @CroweCRM

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