Take Scheduling to the Next Level with Dynamics 365 Field Service

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One of the newer modules in the Dynamics 365 family, Field Service, leverages the latest technology offered by Microsoft and combines it into one powerful solution. D365 Field Service is an integrated solution with your current D365 environment, enabling you to be field ready with your already configured environment, filled with customer data.

D365 Fields Service has tools to help organizations optimize their resources, effectively manage team members and automate work order creation to save you time and money. Field Service can even be used with IoT devices to alert you of an issue even before your customers are aware there is one.

In D365 Field Service, Work Order Management, Service Scheduling, and Resource monitoring are 3 key capabilities provided by D365 Field Service.

Work Orders in D365 Field Service are records that track service jobs. Work orders can be created automatically based on set criteria from your opportunity or case records or created manually. Within a work order, you can track specific incidents types, estimated time required to complete a job and create the bookings for the work orders With Work Orders stored in D365 you also can create rich reports to identify which phases of your services can be improved upon.

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Scheduling Service has never been easier with D365 Field Service. With the Field Service Schedule Assistant, all you must do is specify your criteria and the system will find the best resource to get the job done. Field Service considers factors such as skill set, availability and even current location of your resources to help make the best decision possible. If you want to get even more efficient, you can setup up resource scheduling optimization to let the system handle all the scheduling for you.

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Finally, Resource Monitoring gives your manager and dispatch team a 360-degree view of where all your resources are. The Field Service schedule board tracks your resources’ schedules and where they currently are based on job sites. The schedule board also displays the status of the job in different colors to easily distinguish the various statuses of jobs, from Traveling to In Progress to Completed.

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D365 Field Service is a great asset to have for any service organization. It helps the business stay on top of their fieldwork and provide great insight into how the organization is performing. D365 Field Service is a modern workplace necessity. To learn more about how D365 Field Service can benefit your organization, contact support@websan.com.

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  1. mastermindtechies

    Hi, thanks for the detailed example! I am sure going to reproduce this although I am not sure if this would be a real workable situation for Field Service. Especially in scenario’s where you have large number of work orders, this will duplicate each work order in a project contract and project (task) not to mention that I don’t think you want to invoice ‘hours’ from a project and ‘materials’ from a work order. Still, I agree there is a need for time registration against work orders in Field Service and it would be a big opportunity for Microsoft to pick that up for the standard Field Service Product.

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