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Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) – New Features

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With Dynamics SPO, CRM users can upload CRM documents, with metadata from CRM records, to any folder and related folders in SharePoint Locations.

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Two new features released today.

New Metadata - Multi-Select Option Sets

When the metadata is retrieved from CRM field of multi-select option set, the selected options are saved in SharePoint metadata column as comma separated list.

In below example, we configured the field States in the custom entity Project to be uploaded to the States column in the SharePoint Document Library. Sorting projects by States, groups all projects that are in the same states.

Another feature helping SharePoint users to efficiently filter and display records using metadata.


When the user opens CRM record, the SharePoint location URL of all the documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint are displayed in a sub-grid in the record form.

The new feature allows a SharePoint user with access to CRM, to click and open the CRM record, while in SharePoint, to view the record details in the CRM form.

This feature enhances the link between CRM and SharePoint, as documents and record’s details can now be viewed in both platforms.

To add CRMURL metadata you firstly need to configure SPO Connection Details with the CRM URL (like:, and then add column with the name CRMURL in SharePoint



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