Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2018

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What topics were the most popular with CRM Software Blog readers in 2018? Take a look:

1. Managing System Views & Dashboards in Dynamics 365 by Aaron Back, MCP, ACE Micro, LLC
There are many out-of-the-box System Views and Dashboards that come with Dynamics 365. Sometimes, there are Views or Dashboards that go unused and are a hindrance rather than a help. Other times, you may want to create your own custom System Views or Dashboards to replace the out-of-the-box ones. This post explores how you can accomplish these tasks.

2. Getting Started with PowerApps with Dynamics 365 by Aaron Back, MCP, ACE Micro, LLC
PowerApps "is a service that lets you build business apps that run in a browser or on a phone or tablet, and no coding experience is required." This post walks you through PowerApps with extensive screen shots and shows you that creating apps is easy to do and easy to share.

3. Understanding Dynamics 365 Hubs by Aaron Back, MCP, ACE Micro, LLC
Dynamics 365 offers multiple ways to access the data for specific teams, departments, or groups within your company. However, Microsoft introduced additional options through what they call Hubs. There are multiple Hubs available, but it depends on the subscription you purchased for your company. This post will walk you through the various Hubs and how they can benefit your team.

4. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing vs. ClickDimensions by StravaTechGroup
There are two mainstream marketing automaton options for Dynamics 365. This post is an initial review of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing and a high-level comparison to ClickDimensions.

5. Dynamics 365 Record Hierarchy by Aaron Back, MCP, ACE Micro, LLC
Dynamics 365 (CRM) has a neat feature, Record Hierarchy, that can be easily overlooked, but can provide great visual insight into your customers. The Record Hierarchy in Dynamics 365 is a simple concept: it boils down to relationships. The Hierarchy options can help you visualize or find important customer data within Dynamics 365. This extensive post will walk you through the many ways you can use it.

6. How to Organize Dynamics CRM Documents in SharePoint by Dianna Davis - Dynamics Objects
Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint integration helps users to easily view and share stored documents and increase productivity and strengthen collaboration between the different business units and teams in their organization. This post will show you how to get the most out of the integration of these two powerful applications.

7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Word Templates – Create, Generate, and PDF by Dianna Davis - Dynamics Objects
CRM Word Templates are documents created once, with attributes/fields from CRM entities and related entities, to generate Word documents and reports using the CRM function “Word Template” in the user interface of a record. If you don’t want to create your own Dynamics CRM Word templates, you can download these free word templates for Invoice, Quote, Order, Opportunity, and Case. You can modify the images and content of the template and add or remove fields not required in your document.

8. Dynamics 365 v9: MultiSelect Option Set Fields by Beringer Technology Group
There are several new features available in D365 v9, one of these features is MultiSelect Option Set fields. With this feature, you can have one field with a list of options, and you can select more than one option from the list! Imagine if your company offers multiple services and customers can sign up for more than one service - the MultiSelect Option Set will solve this problem as well.

9. The Better CRM: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce? Forrester study says Dynamics 365 by JourneyTEAM
Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce, which should you choose for your business? This post summarizes the Forrester study that examined the two options and made recommendations.

10. Dynamics 365 v9: What’s New and Improved! by Beringer Technology Group
There are a lot of new and exciting features in Dynamics 365 v9, also called Potassium. Whether you're an end user, a customizer, an administrator, or a developer, there is something new and improved that you will love! This post discusses some of our top picks.

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