A Better, Faster Alternative to SSRS Reports with Xpertdoc Document Generation

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Many business folks struggle with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - a server-based report generating software system that has been around for a while. In this age of digital transformation and automated report generation, it can make simple report generating tasks much harder and more complicated than they have to be, partially because it is meant for developers. But there is a much more user-friendly, modern alternative.  Enter Xpertdoc Smart Flows.

What are Xpertdoc Smart Flows?

Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 are easy-to-configure, automated processes for the generation, management, storage and delivery of business documents. With the embedded Smart Flow Builder, business users can visually model and deploy flows that leverage data from any available source, addressing the most complex document scenarios while eliminating the need for technical knowledge or coding skills.

So how do Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 zap the hassle of of dealing with SSRS reports?

  1. Anyone can use Xpertdoc Smart Flows: Who likes writing SQL sub theories? Not me! And not you, either, unless you are a developer and you do that for your job. Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 are for business users. You don’t have to know SQL code – or any code, for that matter. Instead, you would start with the intuitive platform, create your data set, build your template using “drag and drop” functionality, and start your document flow.
  2. Xpertdoc Smart Flows are user-friendly and convenient: Our Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 offer dashboard-style reporting, so you always know where you are at a glance. SSRS has no such thing, as you are expected to have developer-level skills and interpret code for that information. Xpertdoc Smart Flows’ user interface is both web and mobile-ready. SSRS requires more work to run on mobile devices, as the capability isn’t built-in. Specifically, you would have to implement SQL Server Mobile Publisher. This is not for the average bear.
  3. Xpertdoc Smart Flows can combine multiple data sources: SSRS has limitations aggregating and sorting data, which makes getting the data into the documents for report generation problematic. Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365, by contrast, can combine multiple data sources, so data can be moved from point A to point B. This functionality is useful when creating document flows, because it ensures data from different sources are routed into the automated document reports without a hitch.
  4. Xpertdoc Smart Flows don’t have upgrade issues: Despite an update in 2016, SSRS is hard to upgrade. So hard that when the subject comes up, most folks just start looking around for other options. In addition, the interface, with its outdated visualizations, is probably nearing end of the line, too. 2016 wasn’t yesterday. Our Smart Flows are new, and connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365, so upgrade issues are manageable if they come up at all.
  5. Xpertdoc Smart Flows fit in your system: SSRS can be a space hog, or “resource intensive”, meaning it can use up a lot of server resources. Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Dynamics 365 cause no system strain.


With their ease of use and powerful modern capabilities, our Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365 are definitely the better alternative for any business user.


To learn more about Xpertdoc Smart Flows for Microsoft Dynamics 365, request a free 30-day trial and follow us on Twitter: @xpertdoc or visit www.xpertdoc.com for more information.

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