Digital Transformation and Cloud Technology for Nonprofits: Changing the World

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European refugee Crisis connectivity.Refugees in the Greek islands connecting with the world through NetHopes systems.

How Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is Helping Nonprofits with Digital Transformation

Cloud technology is virtually everywhere in today’s world, though thousands of nonprofits working in remote areas haven’t been able to take advantage of the benefits that it offers. In a nutshell, cloud technology allows users to access both software and hardware over the internet.

The centrally stored data that is the backbone of cloud computing technology offers several benefits for nonprofit organizations, specifically through maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources. In practical terms, the remote access offered by Azure Cloud for nonprofits allows grant writers to work remotely. Instead of having to travel into a central office, aid and humanitarian workers can spend more time in the communities they serve while managing to communicate with donors, send out reports, and stay on top of other office work.

At the same time, this nonprofit digital transformation can also help organizations drastically reduce operating costs, perhaps even allowing them to get rid of a costly IT department. For organizations that manage sensitive documents and information, services such as cloud CRM software for nonprofits can also help them reduce their technology risk.

The Partnership between Microsoft, NetHope, and AKA for Nonprofit Digital Transformation

Microsoft has been a global leader in helping nonprofit organizations adopt technological advances such as cloud computing services. To date, they’ve spent well over $2.5 billion to expand the digital transformation of nonprofits across the globe. Microsoft has also been instrumental in helping to lower the costs associated with this transformation.

AKA Enterprise Solutions recently won the 2018 Microsoft U.S. Partner for Social Impact Award for our work in helping diverse nonprofits on their path to digital transformation. As a Microsoft partner, AKA has been instrumental in helping humanitarian and aid organizations discover the benefits that cloud computing services can offer.

AKA has also been invited by the leadership at Microsoft to join the NetHope team. NetHope brings together over 50 global non-governmental organizations that specialize in improving IT connectivity among humanitarian organizations in developing countries and areas affected by disaster-related events.

D3: A Bold Plan for Digital Transformation

NetHope, Microsoft, and partners like AKA have a specific methodology to help advance the digital transformation of nonprofit organizations. It’s called the D3 framework, and it’s summed up in three words: Dream, Design, and Deliver.

The D3 framework connects nonprofit organizations with a pathway towards digital transformation. First, NetHope partners like AKA work with a client to create a “Dream Book” filled with ideas for transforming their organization. Next, we Design a solution that can meet and exceed their expectations. Finally, we Deliver on this solution, ensuring that it’s implemented properly for the nonprofit.

AKA Enterprise Solutions’ Contributions to the 2018 Global Summit

On November 5th, the NetHope Global Summit 2018 is set to begin in Dublin, Ireland. This year’s theme is focused on digital transformation. We here at AKA look forward to contributing as an important member of the NetHope team. AKA Enterprise Solution has a wealth of experience in helping nonprofits discover the benefits that come with a total digital transformation, and our goal is to share that experience with other NetHope partners.

For nonprofit organizations that are stuck in the office filling out reports and submitting grants, adopting cloud computing services and other aspects of digital transformation can help increase overall efficiency.  Here at AKA, we’ve helped nonprofits like Commit2DallasLifeworks, and others revolutionize the way they operate. Contact AKA Enterprise Solutions to learn more about how we can help your nonprofit organization do the same!


AKA specializes in making it easier to do business, simplifying processes and reducing risks. With agility, expertise, and original industry solutions, we embrace projects other technology firms avoid—regardless of their complexity. As a true strategic partner, we help organizations slay the dragons that are keeping them from innovating their way to greatness. Call us at 212-502-3900!

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