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The procedures and policies of how an organization stores documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint vary between companies. Actually, the two most important parameters in storing documents in SharePoint are metadata and the folder structure where documents are stored.

CRM out-of-box (OOB) integration with SharePoint provides mechanism to upload documents from Dynamics CRM to SharePoint and save them in a folder structure related to the entity where the documents are uploaded from. No metadata is saved with the document in CRM OOB.

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) provides variety of ways to configure folders and related folders to the entities where the documents are uploaded from. Each document is saved with metadata from the CRM record. Read here how Dynamics SPO is configured to save documents in SharePoint folders.

Saving documents in folders and related folders to the CRM entities is the most common way organizations upload documents from CRM to SharePoint.

A different approach is uploading documents from one Entity, and “navigate” the document to a location in SharePoint, based on Document Type. Some business processes are based on set of documents that need to be filled in, and submitted internally and by external users (applicants), and each document in this process can be categorised as one of the Document Types required in completing the process.
An example for such process is an application for a loan, which the applicant is required to fill the Loan Application form, provide proof of identity, sign the loan documents, and provide forms signed by guarantors. The whole process can be managed in one Loan entity, and documents are uploaded to SharePoint by their document type like Application, Proof of Identity, Guarantors, and similar. Each of such documents group is stored either SharePoint folder or in Document Library.

The new Dynamics SPO version release includes the feature to store documents in folders or document libraries, based on document type. Users can configure pick list values corresponding to SharePoint folders and document libraries. When the CRM user selects to upload a document to SharePoint, from attachments to Emails and Notes, and from the hard disk, the user can then select from the picklist options the corresponding document type. The document is then uploaded to the folder or document library where all documents of same type are stored.



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