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Removing Relationship Assistant in Dynamics 365

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A new feature has been introduced by Microsoft for Dynamics 365 called the Dynamics 365 Relationship Assistant. This tool allows users to be kept up to date on many events happening today. It shows reminders for upcoming activities, displays emails relevant to the customer that may need a response and has many other features. It is a very useful tool to help assist with staying organized with customers.

The Relationship Assistant has many useful benefits, however some companies might not see the need for it. Until recently, it was not possible to remove this feature. It was embedded in CRM and displayed for everyone as a new tab called "Assistant" in the Social Pane. Now there is a way to remove it. Simply turning off all the Action Cards of this feature removes the tab from the Social Pane in CRM.

Removing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Relationship Assistant

Navigate to Settings > Intelligence Configuration

relationship assistant

From here, click on the Relationship Assistant tab

relationship assistant

As noted by Microsoft, sometimes unchecking the boxes one by one does not work. If you have already done this and the Relationship Assistant tab still shows on forms, try clicking one box then clicking the top check box to select all, then again to select none. Save this option.

relationship assistant

You should now see that the Assistant tab has been removed from all forms.

relationship assistant


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