How to set SPO Functionality for the Account Entity - Step By Step Instructions

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How to set SPO Functionality for the Account Entity - Step By Step Instructions

SharePoint Connection Setup

In CRM - Settings> SPO Configuration>SharePoint Connection Tab
In this example the SharePoint Document Library is Accounts.

The connection settings above should correspond to the SharePoint URL format of the Document Library - Accounts, as in this image


Add SPO functionality to CRM Entity

After creating successful connection to the Document Library in SharePoint, the next step is adding SPO functionality to the Account entity.

Click tab: Add SPO functionality to CRM Entity, and then click the button with same label.

Select Entity: Account

Add metadata from CRM entity view: select existing view or create custom view that includes all the fields in the Account entity and related entities to Account, to be used as metadata. In this example we created a view called “SPO View”, and it includes the metadata relevant to documents uploaded from Account entity to SharePoint, including one field (Contact’s Email) from the Contact entity which is related to the Account entity.
Select the “Required” option next to the metadata field that is mandatory in SharePoint. At initial settings stage, and testing, do not use the “Required” option (unselect all).

Select step 4 to store documents in folders within the “Accounts” document library.
The folder name is a selected field from the account entity like “Account Name” or “Account number”. We recommend selecting a field that is unique and always contains data.
Click Submit to complete this process.

Configure metadata columns in SharePoint

Account Name – Single line of text
Account Number - Single line of text
Description – Multiple lines of text
Contact – Single line of text
Email – Single line of text
Credit Limit – Currency
Payment terms - Choice (menu to choose from). Enter the picklist options from CRM as menu options in SP column

Modify the view to show relevant columns only. Set up filters, sorting and other available features to make it a “friendly” view for SharePoint users.


Test uploading document to SharePoint

Open an Account record in CRM. From the toolbar (in more …. functions) click the button Dynamics SPO and select to upload document from hard disk. Select document and upload. The document is now uploaded to a folder in the Accounts document library. The folder name is the content of the field selected as folder name (in this example it is Account Name), and it is saved with metadata from the CRM record.

NOTE: each time document is uploaded to SharePoint a new SPO Error is created. Use Advance Find to find the last created record, in case you wish debugging failed document upload.


Add sub-grid in Account pointing to documents uploaded to SharePoint

Open the Account’s form editor.
Click: Insert>Sub-grid
Enter: sub-grid unique name
Enter: sub-grid label
From Data Source select:
Records: Only Related Records
Entity: account (account)
Default View: Active SP Organizers
Click: OK

Click here to Download Dynamics SPO Free Trial version





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