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“Organizations with integrated ERP and CRM are 2.5 times as likely to have the ability to share and integrate data with the extended enterprise,” according to Aberdeen research (August 2016).

Is your company using an integrated ERP and CRM system? Do you work with just one software package and one software partner?

Not all technology firms specialize in both areas. And not all software packages include both ERP and CRM functionality.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM) combines Finance and Operations, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Field Service, Talent (HR), Retail, Project Service Automation and AI.

The team at Crowe specializes in the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 package – ERP and CRM.

Who is Crowe?

Crowe is one of the largest public accounting, consulting, and technology firms in the United States. Crowe’s Microsoft practice is focused on delivering best-in-class customer engagement through industry specialized accelerators and productivity enhancing apps delivered across Business Apps (Dynamics 365), Modern Workplace (Security / Compliance), and, Data and AI (Big Data, Data Warehouse, Analytics, AI).

Performance Consulting Areas:

Plus, Crowe offers a range of industry solutions and business apps developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 across a variety of industries and specializations:

Crowe Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM:

Crowe BenefitsBridge for Insurance

Designed for employee benefits brokers, this add-on provides enhanced visibility into your operations and efficiency to your CRM system.

Crowe Business Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM:

Crowe EditAble CRM Grid

Bring your customer data into better view for faster and easier organizing and updating of individual records.

Crowe Project Management

Keep your projects on schedule and within budget with automated workflow and resource tracking.

Crowe Sales Pipeline Management

Forecast measurable revenue against individual and organizational goals.

Crowe Document Management

Streamline your recordkeeping with predefined folder templates.

Crowe Timesheets

Simplify the administrative tasks of tracking your time with an easy user interface.

Crowe Industry Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365/ERP:

Crowe Metals Accelerator

Delivers an ERP platform capable of meeting the unique needs of the metals supply chain while also enabling an organization to leverage powerful analytics to enable improved employee decision-making.

Crowe Automotive Accelerator

Targets issues such as electronic data interchange and release accounting optimization, and more to deliver a complete solution for suppliers modernizing their enterprise application approach.

Government ERP solutions

Brings government entities an industry solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP that helps them overcome financial and operational obstacles to enterprise resource planning.

Crowe Business Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365/ERP:

Lease Accounting Optimizer

Streamline management of your leased assets while complying with new accounting standards.

Sales Status Workbench

Increase sales efficiency and service with a complete view of customer order status.

Purchase Status Workbench

Quickly view purchase orders to help improve supply chain visibility and changes.

Accounts Payable Workbench

Streamline with central access to open, pending, and paid invoices across Dynamics AX companies.

Production Scheduling Workbench

Reduce confusion and sequence and schedule production jobs on a single, easy-to-use form.

Financial Close Workbench

Avoid period-end surprises by reconciling open items accurately across one or multiple entities all from a single screen.

General Journal Optimizer

Manage and gain visibility to journal entries across multiple AX entities – all in one app.

Ledger Allocation Manager

Segment your financial reporting and reduce time spent on allocations in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Ledger Period Manager

Automate the opening and closing process and eliminate data entry errors with user-level control in Dynamics AX.

Batch Process Manager

Quickly review and update multi-company batch process jobs from a single form in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

T-Account Visualizer

View and efficiently manage financial data across accounts in a standard format.

Notes Optimizer

Standardize and copy notes containing critical data throughout the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

Financial Accelerator

Bring efficiency and transparency into operational functions.

What do Crowe Customers Say?

To invest so much with one firm, you need to feel confident they can deliver. Clients tell us when our technical expertise, industry knowledge, and applied technology come together, exceptional service and value result.


What is the value of One Crowe?

With a team this size, your entire business is covered. ERP, CRM and more. That is “One Crowe”. According to Jim Powers, CEO, Crowe, this means, “We are able to bring the entire intellectual capital of the firm to bear in supporting any client, in any location, through any service team.”

Next Steps

Contact Crowe to discuss your complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 project.

By Ryan Plourde, Crowe,

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