nVerge 2018 – a must-attend technology conference for business execs and end-users

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Technology is embedded in everything we do. There are numerous CRM solutions out there that could supercharge your business and help you achieve an end to end efficiency. But how can you find the right one for your company or make sure the solution you're currently using is still up to date?

Here at FMT Consultants, we have created an annual technology conference nVerge, right here in Carlsbad, CA. Over 400 business execs and as end-users gather together to learn unique valuable cross-platform content designed that addresses both present and future approaches to working with CRM, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Networking.

Together, we will explore what’s available now from Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft. We will also discuss new competitive strategies, and you will walk away with next actionable insights into how you can drive revenue, reduce cost, and increase customer acquisition. Learn technological trends ready to drive business growth in 2018.

Here are some additional perks:

  • Discover The Latest: be the first to experience the latest in technology
  • Experience Everything Firsthand: get a firsthand look at your favorite solutions
  • Receive CPE Credits: CPE credits will be available for certain sessions

There are 20+ top technology vendors and select thought-leaders from across the country bringing over 35 sessions. To get additional info please reach out or just visit this link to get your own ticket today: fmtus.com/nVerge2018Tickets

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