4 Ways Dynamics 365 Shortens Sales Cycles

For most businesses, the primary driver behind using a CRM is to drive sales to your business.  Dynamics 365, from Microsoft, allows you to shorten your sales cycle, leading to more sales and higher revenue. We have identified four of the top ways Dynamics 365 shortens sales cycles and accelerate your sales.

1 – Effective Management of contacts, leads, and accounts

Maintaining good records is vital to good business. It can help you identify and meet the needs of your prospects – and make the most of every prospect interaction.

You and your team can keep track of your prospects’ and clients’ contact details. Dynamics 365 also gives you insight into their known needs, buying preferences, issues, and decisions. You can track important data such as specifics about how contacts were made, correspondences and activities, results of those activities, and more.

Because of the data accessibility for salespeople, sales cycles are shortened by at least 8-14%. Salespeople have all pertinent data at their fingertips all the time. as a result, they are able to move prospects through the sales funnel faster.

As your relationship with a prospect or client evolves, it becomes more and more imperative for you to have detailed records to rely on. By keeping thorough records from the get-go, it is easier and less time-consuming to update profiles as the relationship grows.

2- More follow-ups…means more sales.

Data can assist you in scheduling future contacts. This helps target follow-ups and secure sales. Progressing through the selling cycle becomes easier when you have detailed records to pull from. It is much easier to strengthen an existing relationship than to start from scratch.

Although keeping accurate records is vital to a business, Dynamics 365 CRM is not only a transactional database that keeps track of interactions with current and potential clients. Dynamics 365 is a tool to help foster and develop real relationships with real customers. Software today should help increase job performance. Your CRM software should help drive relationships forward, by connecting people.

80% of sales require five follow-ups after the initial contact. Many of our clients want their CRM to create automatic reminders for specific actions or follow ups. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can set up workflows to manage this process.  This is also a good way for a manager to make sure his sales team is following up with customers.


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