Tool to remove "WordTemplateExportRecordid" text in CRM Word Template

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A bug was found about the 14th July 2018 in CRM Online release, and now in release, when using CRM Workflow step Perform Action>SetWordTemplate  to create document from Word Template, and attach the Word Document to a Note. At the end of the Word document there is additional text WordTemplateExportRecordid: followed by one or more of what appears to be record GUID.

We have now released free of charge tool that removes the extra text. The tool is a Workflow Step, following the SetWordTemplate step, and this step will remove the extra text from the document.

Click here to Download Tool to Remove WordTemplateExportRecordid


Dynamics PDF-Docs New Version Release

With thousands of Dynamics PDF-Docs users converting documents created with CRM Word Template, PDF the document, and automatically attach the document to an Email, Note or upload to SharePoint, we incorporated the tool in the current version of Dynamics PDF-Docs.

Click here to Download Dynamics PDF-Docs Solution





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