How Office 365 and the Cloud Can Save Your Data…and Your Day

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You’re rushing to get to a critically important meeting. Maybe you’re running a bit late, but no worries. You’re prepared, with everything you need right on your trusty laptop. You get to the venue, prepare to set up your materials, power on your laptop. Oh no…it won’t power on. It’s dead. Not the battery, not the connection. The entire thing. Is there a way out of this mess? Can you still access the information for your meeting?

If you have your information and all your supporting data in the Cloud, what could have been a monumental disaster is reduced to an annoying inconvenience. You grab your tablet – or even your smartphone – and proceed with your presentation. Tomorrow, you’ll take care of the laptop situation, but for today, the Azure Cloud has saved you. Your presentation, along with all your other important work-related documents, is sitting comfortably in Office 365 in your OneDrive account in the Cloud.

Today’s Office 365: Built for business continuity

Some may wonder if Microsoft Office 365 is just a newer version of Microsoft Office. Well, it is, and it isn’t. It offers the same productivity applications you like so well, but it comes with many other Cloud services that work together to transform the way you operate in your digital office. With products like Skype for Business bundled in Office 365, you’ll never miss a phone calls because, with the proper permissions, they can ring through on your various devices:  laptop, cell phone, desk phone, tablet, etc.

When you’re working with other team members, you can access company documents through Teams or Sharepoint online. Cortana can schedule meetings for you across your and your customers’ calendars just by including Cortana on the email and requesting it be scheduled. Your documents will be backed up in the cloud and available to you anytime and anyplace you have internet and on any device.

When you save files in your OneDrive, they will be real-time updated in Office 365. That means you can start work on one machine and pick right back up from another. Now, that’s business continuity.

If you have a failure on your primary work laptop, you don’t need to worry, because everything is backed up in the Cloud. Again, with the necessary permissions, you can also have a personal Office 365 account for family documents, photos, and videos. If you travel a lot, you’ll want to have those while you’re on the road.

Take it a step further and set up Office 365 for Android or iPhone. Then you can keep working from your mobile devices and have information backed up to the same secure Office 365 files. Access your data and documents from anywhere and make use of policies that allow you to keep your documents secure even while you have such freedom. That’s the perfect example of the modern workplace in action as well as business continuity.

Security? Not a problem with the Cloud

With Office 365 and the Cloud, there’s no need to worry about the security of your information. Your Cloud provider will be responsible for regular backups and updates as well as 24/7 troubleshooting and security; their business depends it. Your Microsoft partner will help you get set up and keep you up to date.

The Power of the Cloud and Office 365 is an easy way you can ensure business continuity.

For quick steps to set up and configure a OneDrive account, visit the original blog.

If you want to free yourself and your employees from a single workstation, have the security of an “always backed up” Cloud solution, save your data and your day, and so much more, contact our Cloud experts at AKA Enterprise Solutions.

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  1. Microsoft has promoted a number of reasons to adopt Office 365, in my opinion there are only two that really matters, thus it support enterprise mobility and reduce costs.

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