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Consider having Word template for the Order Entity, and you wish to insert / merge it with a Word Template for Quote and for Opportunity, to generate one document from these three entities.

This feature is now available as a Workflow step of Dynamics PDF-Docs.

Currently, when new document is generated from CRM Word Template and you need to PDF the document and attach it to Notes or as an attachment to an Email, the process takes many steps.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs, this whole process is one click of a button only.

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The CRM workflow runs on the child entity and the primary document is created from Word Template of this child entity. In this example the child entity is the Order Entity. We merge the primary document with two other documents (the secondary documents) which are created from Word Template of two parent entities, in this example, Quote & Opportunity. The two locations where to insert the secondary documents in the primary document are marked with two placeholders in the Word Template, in the format of << placeholder >> where placeholder is constructed from letters, digits, and the “_” symbol only. The placeholder can be place anywhere in the document, as per this image. Note that the larger fonts are for presentation only.

Read more on how to run the workflow:


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