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By Bruce Coffman, emfluence Marketing Platform Channel Sales Manager
Every salesperson wants things right now. Quality leads, effective marketing materials, pricing or contract concessions. Whatever is needed to close more deals, reach their goals, earn more commission.


The problem is, not every prospect or client, even if showing initial interest, is on their same timetable. They may not have a big enough need right now. Or maybe they’re under contract, satisfied with their current vendor, other projects are taking priority, currently have no budget—or it’s simply taking them time to work through their decision-making process.


But while most salespeople may not be blessed with the patience or the want to wait this out, an effective marketing department armed with an effective marketing automation platform can strengthen the chances of closing these opportunities, helping make the marketing department best friends with sales.


How? While salespeople are working deals to close right now, marketing can nurture those that aren’t quite ready to close. For example, take a prospect that someone from Sales or Marketing meets at a tradeshow that seems a good fit for your company’s product or service. You have their contact info, and even had them opt-in to receive your company’s marketing communications – they have expressed interest in your product or service, but they’re travelling the next few weeks and can’t realistically meet or seriously discuss for a couple of months (by the way, be sure you read this post on GDPR before you force opt-in tradeshow contacts). In this case, you could let your marketing department know they need to be added to a pre-meeting nurture campaign, which might include an email like this one from Tension Corporation’s newsletter onboarding series:

Tension Welcome Email


Or maybe it’s a referral from a current client that replied to a salesperson’s email inquiring about their need and interest and they even had an initial meeting – but they’re still under contract for nine months. Marketing—and marketing automation—can help. While Sales generally has their required steps from introductory/discovery meeting to close, important work can be done “selling inbetween events” to strengthen Sales’ chances. Some ideas:

  • Email nurture campaign promoting your product or service’s ROI, current best practices and competitive differentiators
  • Prospect or client journey (workflow) based on specific digital interactions the prospect has with the provider; this can lead to downloaded whitepapers or other requested information
  • Contract renewal campaigns—based on a field in CRM—that launch a six-months prior to renewal email campaign (this works for existing customers and for prospects in contract with a competitor)
  • Periodic check-ins—all automated—to “see how things are going”


The key is communication. Communication with the prospect, and communication between Marketing and Sales. This approach can also reinforce with the prospect the company, abilities and value standing behind the salesperson, and simply keep the provider in the mind of the prospect, so the interest doesn’t fade.


As for the salesperson, they can take back complete control of the opportunity when it’s time to move forward and close the account – whenever that again becomes right now.


If you have questions, or would like to learn more about the emfluence Marketing Platform, visit us here.


Bruce Coffman is the Channel Sales Manager for the emfluence Marketing Platform—learn more about him here.

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