Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 - Unable to Assign Records

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 - Unable to Assign Records




Recently, we came across an issue where multiple clients were unable to assign cases, tasks and other various records using the “Assign” button within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Users, including system administrators, would try to use the Assign button from within the record and the page would get stuck “Processing.” This same behavior would occur when trying to assign bulk records from a view of the records or within an advanced find.


What We Found

After a recent upgrade to Dynamics Version 9, we discovered the Version number did not match the Database Version for the organization. This is a known issue with Microsoft known as a database mismatch. Microsoft is working to correct the issue but is giving main priority to organizations that request the correction due to problems experienced on their systems.

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The Workaround

One way to get past this limitation while Microsoft is working to resolve the issue is by accessing the record directly. From the individual record, users can assign the record directly from the “Owner” lookup field and save the record. Once Microsoft implemented the Database and Version mismatch fix for our organizations, the issue was resolved and has not resurfaced.


Thinking of Upgrading Soon?

Please consider the steps you can take, as a company, to minimize the risk of issues occurring as a result of an upgrade. A great practice is to have a Sandbox Organization. Upgrading a Sandbox system prior to upgrading your Production system will give you the ability to test and preview all the new features of the latest release. It will also allow you to test for bugs and issues that may occur from the upgrade. Once the upgrade to production has been done, it is too late. These problems will quickly become critical issues that need resolutions immediately so user production is not impacted.


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