Top Tips for Implementing CRM Growth Hacking

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10 Free Videos!  Are you looking to implement CRM but just don't know where to start?  Do you want to grow your business using CRM strategies but just are not sure how to drive the deliverables and outcomes?  Implementing CRM correctly will drive business success and efficiencies.  But to do this successfully you will need to understand the steps to success and the drivers for your business.


Implementing CRM software isn't always straightforward.  You need good planning, strategy and structure to ensure that it will be delivered to your agreed scope, time, cost and quality.


The first step is business first, technology second.  CRM is a software but it's much deeper than that.  It's a business philosophy placing a customer at the centre of your organisation and mapping the customer journey to find points where you can make the customer experience excel.


The core concept of CRM is clear.  Cutting costs and driving efficiencies across the entire organisational functions.  The bottom line is that by managing your customer experience and relationship you can grow your business and increase your profitability.  CRM software will help you manage those processes and strategies.



So where to start when implementing CRM?


We have developed our top 10 tips to implementing CRM providing you bite-sized videos, white papers, and ebooks to help you to CRM success.  For just a few minutes of your time for 10 days (or videos as you can) we will take you on a CRM journey to ensure that you start with the end in mind.


CRM is a philosophy.  It's a strategy.  The software is a facilitator so it's just as important you get the implementation right or your strategy will fail.  You simply won't see the efficiencies you set out to achieve.


Check out our Twitter page and our website for the 10 videos over the next three weeks and see how you can get more from your CRM implementation.


CRM implementation steps for growth hacking business

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