The best CPQ integration for Dynamics

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It doesn’t depend on who you ask: the best CPQ integration for Dynamics CRM has the specific feature sets listed here. If you’re a Dynamics reseller looking at adding CPQ to your offering, make sure it includes everything listed below — otherwise, you should tell that CPQ partner, “C U later.”

  • Templates that reinforce a brand: in every single quote they send, your customers want their customers to know who they are and what they stand for — and in the exact same language, no matter which rep is sending it.

    Sales proposal templates embedded in the CPQ system (and, therefore, in your Dynamics CRM offering) help customers stay on-brand, they improve efficiencies, and, well, they simply just look better.
  • Online cataloging of every product and every price: well, duh. This is what CPQ was designed to do… but some do it better than others. Look for a relational product tree, library-style listings, multiple views, and the ability to bundle products.

    Customers should be able to store winning bundles and configurations that can then be reused by every rep across the enterprise. Even a first-time rep should feel, "Starting on the right foot has never been so easy."
  • Reporting and tracking to spot bright spots and bottlenecks: your customers know it as well as you do — not every rep is a Ricky Roma. Your CPQ needs sales analytics to help your clients spot their Shelley Levines and incentivize them… (maybe with a set of steak knives).

    Single sign-on: here’s where we thin the herd among CPQ vendors. Do they offer single sign-on with Dynamics? No? Then find one that does. Because without it, your customers’ reps might not even get around to taking advantage of the new arrow in their respective quivers.

    Single sign-on essentially makes CPQ into another feature of your CRM offering: it’s no longer a tool reps need to “leave” their CRM platforms to use. They simply click on the nav, et voila. 

CPQ isn’t rocket science: if your customers know how to navigate their CRM system, they can handle a CPQ system.

Think of it as a world within a world, a CRM for sales quotes only, one where what’s being tracked and stored are not this rep’s activities or that account’s contacts, but this quote’s reply times and that one’s bundles.

Just remember to position your CPQ offer correctly: what you’re selling when you’re selling CPQ is not a new piece of tech — it’s really a new process, one that can help even a small team save tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year (check out this sales quote calculator).

Not all systems are created equally. Look for all of the above (and scalable pricing, too!) when you add CPQ to CRM.

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