Sales enablement: CRM is the engine; CPQ is the gas

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Is sales enablement just a buzzword?

It may have started out that way — after all, it was a whole new paradigm shift — but sales enablement is now firmly established.

It’s a principle.

It’s a process.

It’s a platform.

In our opinion, a business that is truly practicing the principles of sales enablement has the tools, technique, and talent in place to ensure no revenue opportunity is missed, no matter when it comes up or who’s involved.

But it’s only as strong as its systems. Effective, impactful sales enablement requires not only using configure price quote tools at the most critical part of your sales process (the quote!) but moreover having CPQ integrated in Dynamics CRM.

Single sign-on? Sing it!

Do you keep your hammer in the basement, your screwdriver in the garage, and your tape measure in the bathroom? No. You keep all your tools in one tool box, for the same reason that CPQ and Dynamics has to be a single sign-on solution.

Sometimes sales reps can be a little slow to adopt new tools (hopefully because they’re busy closing). But if your CPQ solution — which can automate the creation, sending, and tracking of sales proposals — is another tool in the toolbox they open every day, they’re sure to use it just like any other feature in your CRM.

CPQ: CRM’s sales enablement engine

Dynamics CRM allows total visibility into the pipeline of each rep… well, almost.

Every sales pipeline has an “opportunity” stage in which a quote is typically sent. And then… the waiting begins. Signed? Not signed? Won? Lost? For most B2B sales organizations and CRM users what happens while the quote is out for signing is a blind spot.

While it’s perfectly acceptable that a CRM doesn’t do this on its own — it’s a customer relationship management solution, not a quote management solution — it’s not acceptable if you’re serious about sales enablement across every juncture in your pipeline.

With CPQ, you’ll not only accelerate each sale, but you’ll speed the performance of each rep while enabling sales managers to more easily assess performance.

How? Simple.

CPQ in your CRM means reps have access to all sales enablement tools: proposal templates, dynamic cloud catalog with optimized pricing and proven-effective upgrades, and so much more.

With empowered reps and a sales analytics engine (featured in most CPQ systems), a manager can see who’s beating quotas and who’s lagging. (And they’ll have the tools to make the latter more like the former.)

Want to get ahead of the sales enablement curve? Ensure your Dynamics system is empowered with a CPQ solution to automate, analyze, and optimize your quoting process. Learn more at, and explore our CPQ single sign-on solution for Dynamics.

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  1. Sales Enablement is among the fastest growing functions in the sales industry. The use of AI or automation of time consuming processes is one element of this that helps free up Sales people to focus their time on the elements that really make a difference.

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