Increase Sales and Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

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It has been a long time coming, but Microsoft’s marketing automation solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, is now available, providing organizations with all the tools they need to automate campaigns, obtain better customer insights, and help drive their sales team.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform (previously known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM), Dynamics 365 for Marketing leverages its intuitive, familiar interface to make it easier than ever to manage your marketing activities, increase customer engagement and facilitate the handoff to the sales team. As such, it allows users to:

  • Obtain a true 360° view of customers and prospects. Access all information regarding contacts, leads and customers to ensure that you have everything on hand to tailor your marketing campaigns and activities to their needs and better track them throughout the sales cycle.
  • Nurture leads with automated campaigns. Create campaigns, emails and landing pages with a simple, intuitive interface to attract potential customers. You can configure and personalize templates, manage events, and create online forms to gather data and keep leads engaged throughout the entire sales cycle.
  • Obtain better customer insights for better decisions. Create online forms and store the information to better identify customer interests and market trends, and to generate scores based on your own specific criteria. When a lead is hot, the handoff to the sales team can be done seamlessly and at the right time during the sales cycle.

Moreover, since the Dynamics 365 for Marketing solution is built on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, it provides the same adaptability and flexibility that this platform has come to be known for, ensuring that you can adapt to market trends and stay on top of technological developments to always reach customers through the appropriate channels.

This allows you to connect with them whenever, wherever, retaining their engagement to increase your chances of closing sales and providing the outstanding, personalized service that today’s customers have come to expect. For more information, read our article 5 Steps to Starting a Marketing Automation Practice Within Your Organization to nurture your leads in the long term.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing specialist in Quebec

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