Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 (D365) Contact Relationship Management software allows embedded intelligence to assist you in the sales process.

D365 for Sales will allow you to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively and win more deals. Follow a guided sales process that is customizable to your organization’s needs.

Integration with the office suite of products allows;

  • Salespeople using Outlook to track interactions between themselves and customers
  • Export of data to Excel, which can be easily modified and imported back into Dynamics 365
  • The use of the relationship assistant to set reminders and suggestions for actions to take.
    • For example follow up on an opportunity that is closing this week.

The Sales Process

  • All interactions (appointments, phone calls, emails, etc) with a client are in one place giving everyone with appropriate security the current perspective of that customer
  • Track Leads to Opportunities.Rank your opportunities to show a sales pipe for a graphical representation of anticipated revenues
  • Track customer facing documents from Quotes, to Invoices
  • Store sales literature for a consistent offering to all prospects and customers
  • Prepare Marketing lists and campaigns using Sales literature stored within Dynamics 365
    • Use custom selection parameters to identify prospects and customers that will approached
  • Set individual and team goals to allow for real time analytics to report on historical data as well as make predictions
    • Dollar and quantity metrics for sales people and sales teams can be tracked via Goal Tracking

Embedded Intelligence

Relationship analytics answers questions such as;

  • Which opportunities should I spend my time on?
  • Do we have a good relationship with the customer?
  • How much time have we spent with our customer?
  • When was the last time we contacted them?
  • When is the next time we will contact them?
  • How many emails and meetings have we exchanged?
  • What is the customer's response rate?
  • How many activities were initiated by the customer?
  • How long does it take our team to respond?

The relationship assistant analyzes daily actions and communications to generate action cards containing information links and actions. For example;

  • Upcoming activities
  • Suggestions to contact a client due to inactivity
  • Email messages awaiting replies
  • Opportunities that are nearing the close date
  • Email engagement allows
    • Followed emails that will let you know if a recipient opened the email, clicked on links, or opens an attachment
    • Schedule delivery of messages for a later time
    • Set reminders as action cards


  • Any of the screens within D365 can be customized to include only the fields pertinent to your business
  • Business rules can be added to screens to make fields appear only when appropriate
  • Need new fields? New fields can be easily added to existing screens or where necessary new screens can be added to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 can be ran on any platform, phone, tablet or browser making it easy for all users to gain from

Contact the Prophet team for further details about Dynamics 365 and how we can assist you with your project.

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