Virtual Reality Redefines How Customers Experience Products

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For years, Microsoft Dynamics customers have leveraged Powertrak CPQ software to ensure accuracy and efficiency in their sales quoting, ordering, and configuration processes. Five years ago, our product configurator customers had the option to transform their still images into interactive 2D drawings and 3D models. Today, they can take their configurable products and room layout designs from digital to virtual reality.

Our visual, 3D Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, enables sales, partners, and customers to see near-realistic product models and customize them by interactively dragging-and-dropping add-on parts. When the configuration is complete, users can invite stakeholders to validate the design by visualizing and exploring it in virtual reality (VR).

Smartphone Virtual Reality by Axonom
Mobile Smartphone Virtual Reality

Why is VR an important piece to the configuration process?

While 3D product configuration software brings visualization, real-time pricing, and ordering to the customer’s fingertips, virtual reality takes the buying experience to a whole new level.

Transforming physical products into virtual is an effective way for your business to save money at trade shows while improving communication.

Here's how...

Reduce Costs

Transporting tangible products to trade shows, conferences, experience centers is expensive. Take trade shows as an example. The drayage, shipping and labor costs are in the thousands of dollars for many companies.

If you're presenting a large product or many products, tack on more money for upgrading the size of your booth space. How much are you spending on booth space and shipping at each event? Now multiple that number for each event over the course of the year. How many new clients is it going to take to produce a positive ROI on trade shows?

Here is where VR comes into play. Virtual Reality requires a minimal amount of space (typically 10'x10'). Plus, with the click of a button, you have access to hundreds of virtual products and layout designs. As a result, you are in line to save thousands on shipping, installation and dismantle charges.

Improve Communication

Powertrak Virtual Reality for Microsoft Dynamics
Interact with products in virtual reality

How do you present your products or services to your customers?

The traditional method of handing out a catalog, brochure or sheet of sales literature was an effective form of communication.

Today, we are seeing the sales cycle becoming longer as consumers demand more information before buying expensive products.

In the case of selling configurable products or room layout design, visual and virtual solutions truly help the sales professional inform, educate, and demonstrate the value of their products or services.

Visual configurators provide a near-realistic product model, so consumers can visualize and customize products and environments to their liking.

After the configuration is complete, users put on a virtual reality headset to fully experience the "virtual design." Virtual Reality hand controllers are provided for navigation and product interaction. This immersive experience helps key stakeholders validate the design, observe product and object spacing, and determine if spacing affects walk flow.

For those interested in adding visual product configurations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or virtual reality to their sales and marketing processes, please contact Axonom.

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