Discover What's New in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Update

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Ledgeview PartnersLedgeview Partners takes an inside look at the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 9 Update in an On-Demand Webinar that is available to the public.

Get expert tips, best practices, and find out everything you need to know with V9 Updates.

In this On-Demand Webinar, you will:

  • See User Interface Enhancements to the Existing User Interface: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has made many modifications to its actual web interface, which mostly has the same capabilities, such as to edit, but most of the changes with the existing interface are with formats. The biggest change you will see with the existing interface is that the white space is gone.


  • Get an Introduction to the NEW User Interface: If you are familiar with the Interactive Service Hub in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will feel more accustomed to Microsoft Dynamics 365's New Unified User Interface in the V9 Update. This new interface is based on the old Interactive Service Hub but comes with a lot more enhancements and capabilities than before.


  • See NEW Functionalities: The New End-User Functionalities and Updates in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 include the Multi-Select Option Set, "Not-In" Clause within Advanced Find, and Opportunities in Business Process Flows, called Action Buttons. Microsoft has added great Functionalities with plans for more expansion and development.


  • Discover the NEW Outlook App: The biggest benefit to watch out for with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Outlook App is the ability to track emails, whereas you did not have this option in previous versions. Remember, the Outlook Plugin is not going away anytime soon after Microsoft experienced a negative uproar from the user community after saying they were planning to cut it! Breathe easy, and enjoy the new Outlook App as a healthy addition to V9.


  • Get Microsoft Dynamics 365's Deprecation List: Keep in mind, the Deprecation List is a list of features that will be going away within the next few Dynamics upgrades. They are not going to be immediately removed. The "Warning List" includes: Service Scheduling, Dialogs, Parature Integration, Client API (JavaScript), and more.


  • And Navigate the NEW Mobile App: The New Unified User Interface is now mobile-friendly, allowing more capabilities than before on your iOS, Android, or Windows device. It's clean and ready to use. Customers will feel immediately welcomed by this interface on their mobile devices.


Are you ready to get the details? At least one person in your organization, hopefully, many more, should be aware of how Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Updates will affect your organization.

Catch up with everything you need to know about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Update. Watch Ledgeview's On-Demand Webinar here.

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