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Dynamics 365 v9: What’s New and Improved!

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There are a lot of new and exciting features coming your way in Dynamics 365 v9, also called Potassium! Whether you're an end user, a customizer, an administrator, or a developer, there is something new and improved that you will love!

Improved User Interface

The look and feel of the interface has been completely redesigned. If you hated the white space in previous versions, you are going to love the new look and feel! Forms are much more streamlined, which allows for easier data entry. As a customizer, you can control word wrap on form fields as well as control the color of sub-grid headers.

Great leaps and bounds have been made towards a unified user interface across all devices. Regardless of whether you are on a PC or a phone or a tablet, the D365 app will be the same.

Enhanced Design and Editing Tools

Considerable enhancements have been made to the designer tools in D365. If you want to create your own Apps or change the Site Map, you no longer have to do this through code!

Much improved rich text editing tools are now available on emails and knowledge base articles in the unified interface. You can even add images and preview what your email will look like on different devices before sending.

Multi-Select Option Sets

Have you ever struggled with trying to figure out which accounts don't have a related record, such as an opportunity or which contacts don't have a related email activity? This was something that you had to create a custom report for because you could never achieve it through an Advanced Find, but now you can. An option has been added when selecting a related entity that gives you the ability to select if the related entity Contains Data or Does Not Contain Data.

How often would an option set be useful where you could select multiple items from the list? In v9, MultiSelect Option Sets are available as a field type. This means you will have one field with a list of options and you can select more than one option from the list! Imagine if your company offers multiple services and customers can sign up for more than one service - the MultiSelect Option Set will solve this problem.

Improved Social Pane

Do you struggle with the Social Pane on your forms? In v9 you have more control of the Social Pane, which is now called the Timeline. You can select which items you want users to see as well as adding instant filter options that users can simply click on to show specific records.

Auto Numbering

In previous versions, auto numbering was only available on select entities such as cases, quotes, orders, etc. Now you can add auto numbering to any entity AND it can also be customized! If you need to include the date in your auto number, or add a company code, you can do it.

Virtual Entities

If you have data in other databases that you would like to make visible within D365, you can now do so using Virtual Entities. Virtual Entities allow you to create an entity in D365 that connects to an external data source and pulls in data to display within your D365 system.

New Marketing Features

D365 for Marketing has received a complete face lift with new features and capabilities that were only available through third party solutions previously. In version 8.2, you had the ability to integrate LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Connector solution is also being upgraded for v9. There will be support for multiple LinkedIn member accounts, the ability to customize your lead matching strategies, and the ability to track and analyze your leads' performance across multiple sources.


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2 Responses to “Dynamics 365 v9: What’s New and Improved!”

  1. Jim says:

    Hi – I have a question regarding emails in V9. I currently work on an installation of dynamics with USD. We use server side sync for our emails and have auto email to case creation in place. Our users constantly need to send screenshots or snips of our internal applications out to customers, but that is not possible in CRM as we have it today. Only images hosted from a public source can be sent. In V9, can you send screenshots in an email just like you would in outlook?

    • If you use the Outlook app, you can send emails from Outlook, which will allow you to easily paste screen shots, and then regard the Outlook message to the Case in D365. Unfortunately you don’t have the ability to paste a screen shot in an email in D365 like you do in Outlook. However, you can add file attachments to emails in D365 without the file needing to be hosted on a public source. If you are using the unified interface email form, you will need to Save the email first in order to access the Attachments section.


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