Gone Phishing: Best Practices to Protect your Outlook Account

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At a recent company retreat, we were reminded of the importance of cyber security. This topic doesn’t directly relate to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a software sense, but it does aid in the Customer Relationship Management department. You and your team need to protect yourselves in order to protect those you do business with.


Email phishing practices are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. Simply reading your email is no longer an innocent task, and your guard must always be up.


Are you up to date on what to look for to avoid compromising your email account?


Courtesy of our Rockton Software Internal Support team, here are our top 10 best practices to keep in mind when opening and reading your emails.


  1. Use Mouseover on links to ensure that they look accurate
  2. Don’t open files from unknown/unrecognized senders
  3. If a file was sent from a contact that was unexpected, contact them directly to ask if they were intending on sending something
  4. Go directly to company website vs using the link they sent
  5. Look for grammatical errors, short non-descriptive sentences
  6. Sniff test – if something smells fishy it probably is.
  7. Don’t store sensitive info in your mailboxes (use .pst)
  8. Make sure your antivirus is always running
  9. If you feel that you may have done something to compromise your login, change password immediately & contact your internal support admin
  10. If you are ever unsure about a message, don’t be afraid to ask someone to assist before opening.


Overall, it’s best to go with your gut instinct when it comes to email scams. As the recipient of at least one fraudulent email per day, recognizing them has become easier, but knowing exactly what to look for is a great place to start. Many experts note that a company’s greatest vulnerability has become its workforce, and these phishing scams are doing their best to exploit that ‘click-happy’ mentality.


We hope these best practices help protect you and your team as we all continue to operate in this ever-changing digital environment!


Written by Elise Rooney, Marketing Manager at Rockton Software. Rockton Software is an application provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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