CRM Word Templates- Grouping Report Data

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Information is often easier to understand when it is divided into groups. For example, price quotation that groups products as different options or account statement that groups invoices by month. Grouping highlights the different options we offer and the amount the clients is due to pay for unpaid invoices for each month. In addition, when the items in the report have dollar value, for each group we can present the total amount for the group. In price quotation, as an example, it allows the client comparing between the different options.

With the new version release of Dynamics Docs, which works in similar way to CRM Word Templates, users can present items in groups and add total amount to each group.

It’s a simple process as 1-2-3

Items are presented in tables, and each item is made of fields from the corresponding CRM records. Firstly we need to add to the record an attribute that will be used for grouping. In a price quotation it might be Options with pick list of the common options in price quotation. For statement we can use the month for grouping, which can be easily populated using Dynamics Workflows that retrieves the “month” name from a date.

In the table we will add a new column with placeholder like <<options>> or <<month>> and link the placeholder to the attribute in CRM, created above, using the command Insert Attribute.

Last step is enabling the Table Grouping function, in which you select the table for grouping, the attribute to be used for grouping, and if to add the sum value for each group.

Detailed instructions are available in the knowledgebase section of our website

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