Microsoft Dynamics CRM Word Templates – Create, Generate, and PDF

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CRM Word Templates are documents created once, with attributes / fields from CRM entities and related entities, to generate Word documents and reports using the CRM function “Word Template” in the user interface of a record.

If you have never created Dynamics CRM Word templates before, you can download these free word templates for Invoice, Quote, Order, Opportunity, and Case. You can modify the images and content of the template, and add or remove fields not required in your document.

To import Word Templates to Dynamics CRM, go to Settings > Templates > Document Templates > Upload Template.

How to PDF Word Templates?

Once a document is generated from a template, it can be PDF like any other Word document. This is multi-steps process if you wish to PDF the document, attach to the record’s Notes, attach to customer’s Email, and upload to SharePoint. Some documents need to be generated, PDF, attached and uploaded to SharePoint automatically, with CRM workflow, a feature that does not come with Dynamics CRM out-of-box.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs, one click generates the document, PDF it, attach to Notes, attach to Email, and uploaded to SharePoint.

All these functions can be scheduled with Workflow. With workflow you can also attach more than one document to the Email, you can attach documents from SharePoint, and you can schedule when to trigger the process.

Think of it. With one click a Quote document is generated, the Quote is attached to the record’s note as PDF file, a new Email is generated with the quote as attachment, related brochures are also attached to the Email, and copy of the Quote, as PDF or Word Document, is uploaded to SharePoint, all with one click of a button.

Download Dynamics PDF-Docs:


If you need more features that are not available with CRM Word Template, consider Dynamics Docs.

Dynamics Docs has extra features like:

Run template on list of records

Perform maths calculations

Use logical expressions, such as hide or display text based on condition.


And more

Download Dynamics Docs trial version:


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