How Dynamics 365 Will Help Your Company Attract and Retain Employees

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The workforce is changing in dramatic ways. As the baby boomer generation continues to exit the workforce, they are being replaced with millennials – the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology. In order to attract the best talent from this younger generation, businesses will need to take a hard look at their IT and software capabilities.

Each year, the number of employees who work remotely from time to time rises. In fact, over 70% of U.S. employees say they work outside the office at times. Giving your employees the ability to work remotely isn’t just a benefit, it’s a necessity to gain and retain top millennial talent.

Dynamics 365 was designed and built with flexibility and mobility in mind. It offers a wide variety of features and functionality that are all deployed within the cloud, meaning you can access your information anytime, anywhere. That gives your employees the ability to work from home when the weather is bad or access information on the go just like they do with Outlook. Additionally, the product is mobile-enabled, which allows your employees to harness the power of their smartphones to get the job done.

And because Dynamics 365 streamlines the functionality that used to be housed in several different software solutions, it makes accessing information and getting business done easier than ever.

By 2025, millennials will make up 44% of the U.S. workforce. Get the cutting edge technology that you need not only for business productivity, but also to attract and retain a workforce that requires the best software available.

Dynamics 365 is ready to deploy as soon as you are. Contact DFC Consultants for a demo and find out how your business and employees can benefit.


By Sabrina Zimara, DFC Consultants

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