What Is a CRM Quick Quote and How Can I Get One?

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In order to remain competitive, modern businesses need more than ever to keep track of their assets, from customers and their preferences to leads, inventory, employee information: really anything that goes on in your organization. If you don’t keep track of your data, you can’t use it to your advantage. That’s why most businesses today see the benefit of having a robust CRM solution.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) is one of the best solutions available.

But, how much does Microsoft Dynamics 365 cost? To budget the total price of a Dynamics 365 project you need to know the license cost and maintenance fees plus the estimated implementation and services costs. Go to any page on crmsoftwareblog.com and click on the orange bar on the right that says, “Request Instant Quote Dynamics 365/CRM.” Fill in some brief information on the form that appears, and you will receive an instant, automated Dynamics 365 Quick Quote outlining software, maintenance, and estimated services costs for an entire project. For either Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online.

In addition to the Quick Quote estimate sent to your email, your contact information will be given to just one of our expert CRM partners in your area who will gladly answer any questions you have and will work with you on the implementation if that’s what you choose.  Both the estimate and the referral are non-binding and are provided as a service to our readers.

The Quick Quote tool is free and easy. Why not try it today and see if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a good match for your business.

By CRM Software Blog,  crmsoftwareblog.com



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