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You have a well-designed CRM Word-Templates for Invoices, Price Quotations or Contracts, and you now wish to Email the generated document from the Word-Template, as PDF file attached to an Email to a client.

If you don’t have Dynamics PDF-Docs, this is a process that can take you considerable time, especially if you are generating many such documents in Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs its is as simple as 1-2 (not even 1-2-3)

From the record page – Click the “PDF-Docs” button>Select the Word Template> and select any one of eight different options to Download as PDF, Save to Note, Attach to Email or Upload to SharePoint, and you are done.

With Workflow – Automate this process with a workflow, triggered when a workflow condition is met or run the workflow on demand, from your tablet or even an iPhone.

Dynamics PDF-Docs price is US$690 only per CRM Organization (one-off payment).

Price includes FREE lifetime version upgrade and free Email support.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs you always have the most updated version, by importing the trial version on our website (and using the Product Key provided upon purchasing the product).

Dynamics PDF-Docs free trial version can be loaded from this URL
Try it only takes 2 minutes to install, and 2 clicks to try with CRM out-of-box Word Templates.

If you do not have Word Templates, why not use our FREE CRM Word-Templates and redesign then the way you like it. Click here to download free CRM Word Templates




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