It’s time to integrate Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

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Since CRM Word Templates was introduced in CRM 2016, more CRM users are now generating documents with CRM than ever.

Documents generation in CRM is a one click function. Together with Dynamics PDF-Docs, the document is PDF, attached to the record’s Notes, and to Email as an attachment, a process that saves user’s time and makes documents generation in CRM, even more popular.

Documents are also delivered and uploaded to Dynamics CRM, stored in the record’s Notes, and as attachments to Emails sent to CRM users.

With so many documents stored in many CRM records, how one can find the document they need, stored in many records, some you don’t even have access to view the records. And how non-CRM user can access documents stored in CRM, if the person needs to action on document generated with CRM?

How user can manage different versions of same document, exchanged multiple times between the CRM user, customer and other stakeholders, before final version is agreed upon?

In the past, documents used to be stored in SharePoint. Now documents are stored in SharePoint, and also in CRM.  Finding and retrieving documents becomes a complex, and time consuming task. In addition, managing different versions of same document, duplication of documents stored in more than one record, and increase of CRM storage cost, due to the amount of space required to save documents in CRM, all point to one direction, It’s time to better integrate Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, and let SharePoint do what it does best, storing and managing documents.

Dynamics Objects offers number of tools to improve Dynamics CRM & SharePoint Integration. Our tools are using metadata, retrieved from CRM fields, saved with all uploaded documents to SharePoint. Metadata are the SharePoint columns that improve the way documents are organized, filtered, and viewed by SharePoint users. Metadata improves search results, by retrieving relevant documents using metadata content.

Dynamics PDF-Docs- In addition to PDF Word Template and attach it to outgoing Email, as explained before, the generated document is also uploaded to SharePoint, and SharePoint documents can be attached to the CRM Workflow. Read More …

Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) – an improved CRM and SharePoint integration, allowing automatic upload of documents to SharePoint, attached to CRM Emails and Notes, with metadata from the record. Read More …

Dynamics PDF-Docs and Dynamics SPO are two easy to implement solutions, to improve CRM and SharePoint integration, and can be downloaded and evaluated from our web-site. Integrating CRM and SharePoint is our business. Our experts are willing to advice you best practices to efficiently generate documents in CRM, and how to store and manage documents in SharePoint, with metadata from CRM records. Email as: Sales AT DynamicsObjects DOT com

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