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It can be argued that Microsoft has done a great job with their landing page for From one page you can choose and pin any of the online Microsoft applications you want to run. This functionality is great when needing to access Mail and jot down notes in OneNote. However, one click might not be enough to get you to the Dynamics 365 application you prefer.

Dynamics 365 Home Page

The default landing page for browsing Dynamics 365 is and shows all the apps that you have available to use, not just your preferred default application.

Enter an Auto-Launch URL

You can now set your default app to open when selecting Dynamics 365 from

In the upper right corner of the home.Dynamics landing page, click the settings cog and select Preferences.

A new side-bar will appear. Paste the URL from your favorite Dynamics 365 app into the Auto-Launch URL field, click Apply and then OK.


Now that your auto-launch URL is set, anytime you select Dynamics 365 from your Office 365 screen, it will open your favorite Dynamics app directly, saving you time and increasing your productivity!

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About the Author
Chuck Wojciuk is a CRM Engineer for TopLine Results.  Chuck specializes in developing CRM databases for clients and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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  1. hello,
    Your article was very helpful.
    Do you know how I can configure which application opens by default when a user logs on to the system?

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