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More and more Dynamics CRM users are replacing the hard to design CRM Fetch XML Reports with Word based reports, merged with fields from CRM records. Whether you are using Dynamics PDF-Docs or Dynamics Docs, both products PDF the documents generated from Word Templates, and attach them to Emails either from the user interface or CRM workflows. The difference between to two products is that Dynamics Docs has more features not available with Word Templates, when writing complex reports with logic, or when the requirement is to retrieve data from second level relationship between entities.

Organizations are now generating much more documents within CRM, compared with the number of documents generated with CRM 2015 and before, due to the new feature of Word Templates, introduced with CRM 2016. As a result, we are now experiencing more demand from clients, asking to make SharePoint integration with CRM an efficient tool to use. The correct and efficient way to share documents within the organization and various teams is by saving documents generated in CRM, in a SharePoint Document Libraries.

With Dynamics PDF-Docs, the generated document created with Word Template can be uploaded to SharePoint with CRM workflow. In the newly released version, the same workflow can now retrieve the External URL where the document is stored in SharePoint, and insert it in the body of an Email. Such feature allows secured way to upload documents to SharePoint and forward / share the external URL link via Email.

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