Microsoft Flow is coming to the next release of Dynamics 365

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There's a lot of new and exciting functionality coming to the next version of Dynamics 365. One of my favorites is Microsoft's commitment to incorporate Flow directly into Dynamics 365. This gives you the ability to create integrations from within Dynamics 365 without ever having to leave the user interface!


What is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is an app that allows you to automate your workflows. You can utilize it to build solutions that automate process from Dynamics 365 to disparate apps and services. It can also streamline notifications and sync data between systems. Check out how I utilized Flow to connect Twitter and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 


Microsoft Flow vs. Dynamics 365 Processes

Both Microsoft Flow and Dynamics 365 processes are very similar in nature for a couple reasons. First, they are triggered by a data change in Dynamics 365. Second, they can drive automation of data transfer both inside and outside of Dynamics 365. If they are so similar, then how do you pick the right technology for your task?

Dynamics 365 processes have been around since the inception of the product, and were fully incorporated into the user interface way back in version 4. You should continue to use this for all of your automation, especially when you are augmenting data in Dynamics 365.

If you want to build an integration to another system, and there is a supported connection available, then give Microsoft Flow a chance. If you are not a developer, this is the path of least resistance to build an integration.


Microsoft Flow is here to stay

Even though Microsoft Flow is new to Dynamics 365, Microsoft has been heavily investing into this technology for years. Their goal is to make integrations painless, and expand the platform that was once exclusive to developers. Experience it now, because my prediction is that Dynamics 365 processes and Microsoft Flow will soon be melded into one super workflow engine.


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