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If you’re looking for clarity on the Dynamics 365 direction, and the new relationship Microsoft is building with partners and others in the ecosystem, you’ll be smart to check out eXtreme365 Long Beach Nov. 6-9.

Coinciding with Microsoft’s move the Dynamics 365, eXtremeCRM became eXtreme365 at the end of 2017. This has meant new focus, new emphasis on all aspects of the Dynamics 365 product and the Intelligent Business Cloud at this annual event. After a highly successful eXtreme365 conference in Lisbon in the spring, Long Beach promises to provide the usual mix of great opportunity to hear from, meet and work with Microsoft leaders and MVPS.

There will be expanded content encompassing many facets of the Dynamics 365 pallet. And there will always be the unique opportunities to expand each individual’s community of experts and “go-to” sources, with networking conducted in a smaller setting than many of the larger events.

You can find the agenda here.

You’ll notice that expanded mix of sessions, with expert sessions dealing with build with, sales, go to market, MS ops, tech and ISV streams of information.

For instance, for the sales and marketing attendees you’ll find sessions on:

  • Microsoft go to market strategy and programs
  • Engaging with the Microsoft sell-with teams
  • The strategic sale (both from CIO and VP customer service perspectives)

All this with clear vision keynotes, including One Commercial Partner chief Ron Huddleston and others.

Learning sessions are complemented by both Dynamics 365 and ISV product training in pre- and post-conference events.

eXtreme365 has its unique opportunities, like the Executive Exchange, where a limited small group of partners and others get an in-depth opportunity to work closely at practice building, best practices and product knowledge in a moderated session. This feature sells out quickly – just a few spots left.

For the tech (and others) crowd, the App Innovation Challenge provides an eight-hour opportunity to create a new tool’s proof of concept with a diverse team of other individuals from across the Dynamics 365 spectrum of interests. This practical exercise promotes not only team building, but helps the tech community understand what resources are available to them and opens their eyes to new possibilities to expand the Dynamics 365 and Intelligent Business Cloud tools.

For all details and registration you can click here.

By CRM Software Blog Writer www.crmsoftwareblog.com

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