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Dynamics SP2CRM Connector

Accessing relevant data related to documents stored in SharePoint Documents Library, saves valuable time and increases users efficiency between CRM and SharePoint teams.

When documents are stored in SharePoint with metadata columns, a look up column can link between the document and a record in a SharePoint list.

Using SP2CRM Connector, SharePoint Lists display filtered records from any Dynamics CRM entity, and each column in the list is an attribute / field of the record.

The SharePoint List is dynamically updated with the values stored in CRM records whenever the list is accessed or refreshed, providing the latest and most updated information stored in CRM records

Linking between documents in SharePoint Document Library and a List, provides SharePoint users extra information from CRM records, and improves teams’ collaboration. Consider list of projects with contact details of all stakeholders, updated using connector to Projects entity in CRM. On the other hand we have document library where documents related to projects are stored and linked to the List with the stakeholders contact details updated from CRM. The linking metadata / column is similar to CRM look up field, linking many documents to a project.

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