Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 is here!

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Aaron Back, MCPMicrosoft is rolling out the July Update (version 9.0) for Dynamics 365 this week. This is exciting news that many have been waiting for. However, you may be wondering if you should be an early adopter or wait until the next update. In order to help with your decisions, here are a few things to review.

Availability and Known Issues

Currently, the new version is being rolled out to the Dynamics 365 data centers. So, if you are looking to see what it looks like, I would suggest you sign up for a 30-day trial. You can sign up here for the trial: https://signup.microsoft.com/Signup?OfferId=bd569279-37f5-4f5c-99d0-425873bb9a4b&dl=DYN365_ENTERPRISE_PLAN1&Culture=en-us&Country=us&ali=1

In addition, you need to be aware of which functionality is available now and what is still in Preview Release. You can find out more by reviewing this article: "Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement - General Availability Readme (Known Issues)"

What's New

As with any new application, people are interested in what's new. So, while there are quite a few things to check out in version 9.0, here a few things I would like to highlight.

  • New User Experience (UX)
  • Customer Service Hub (previously called the Interactive Service Hub)
  • Dynamics 365 mobile app refresh using the new interface
  • App Designer and Site Map Designer

While these are just some of the new things, you can check out the rest of the items in this article: "What's new in the July 2017 update for Enterprise edition"

What's Being Deprecated

Finally, it's good to be aware of the things that are changing or going away. Previously, I covered some of these things, but let's revisit the highlights.

What's This Mean for You?

If you currently have an upgrade plan in place for your company, that's great. Stay the course. However, keep in mind the items above and how this could impact your current plans.

If you don't have a plan in place, and Dynamics 365 is still too much to wrap your arms around, reach out to ACE Microtechnology. We can assist with answering your questions or showing a demo of Dynamics 365.

Aaron Back is Microsoft Certified Professional with many years experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM). He is actively involved with the Microsoft Dynamics CRMUG (User Group) Community. His involvement includes: Serving as Chapter Leader for his local CRMUG Chapter, serving on the CRMUG Board of Advisors, and speaking at the annual CRMUG Summit conference.

For more information or assistance with Dynamics 365 (CRM) contact ACE!

2 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 is here!”

  1. Unfortunately the new UI is even more spaced out than the v8 one. Why are the row heights and the blank space between vertical fields so large? Comparing the two side by side we can pretty much get two fields today in the vertical place of one in v9.
    This makes the forms even less usable until horizontal tabs are introduced.
    The section borders are an improvement but the form header still takes up way too much space.
    This is far from what I expected from a space optimised UI. A big disappointment.

    1. You may want to check out this article that does a pretty good comparison between v8 and v9: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/crm/2017/10/03/how-does-the-new-dynamics-365-web-client-ui-make-you-more-productive/

      I do agree that the white space seems a bit much, but I do like the borders around the various sections on a form. This help define the sections better. Also, they added the dashes to empty fields to help show that the field is empty, and when you hover over it, the field becomes available.

      I think this is Microsoft's first pass at a UI/UX refresh. I believe with further feedback during the Summit conference, and from others around the world, the UI/UX will improve.

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