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“CRM is from Mars, SharePoint is from Venus” (read more) was our trigger to developing CRM add-on solution (Dynamics SPO) to improve the integration between CRM and SharePoint. With Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO), documents uploaded from CRM to SharePoint are configured to save the content of fields in CRM records, together with the uploaded documents, as metadata columns in SharePoint.

If your SharePoint users are experiencing difficulties navigating between folders created by CRM out-of-box (OOB) integration with SharePoint, they cannot easily find and retrieve the documents they need, and they find documents duplicated or not stored where they are expected to be placed, then consider these SharePoint best practices:

Folders – SharePoint folders are not easy to navigate. Minimise the number of folders and subfolders and use metadata to filter records in SharePoint list view.

Metadata- CRM records are rich with data relevant, and best describing the documents stored in their related emails and Notes attachments.

Views and Search – relevant metadata brings relevant search results, supports metadata navigation, and enhance record filtering and presentation in view list.

If you are a long time user of Dynamics CRM (D365), but only partially using CRM and SharePoint integration which you wish to improve, or you are considering integrating CRM with SharePoint then we are ready to share our experience with you, to improve CRM and SharePoint Integration.

If you have not integrated CRM and SharePoint yet, but find the benefits of moving documents from CRM to SharePoint (on top of the immediate cost saving paid by CRM online users for data storage of documents), we can work together to plan and implement great CRM and SharePoint integration.

How it works

Firstly, download Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO) from our website. Click here.
Email your CRM Unique Organization Name so that we can provide you long term trial period key to thoroughly design, build and test suitable CRM and SharePoint integration for your organization.
The CRM Unique Organization Name is found in CRM>Settings>Customizations>Developer Resources.

Watch these 2 videos (3 minutes each):
Dynamics SPO Overview:
Dynamics SPO Configuration:
Email us at if you need our support or let’s schedule time for online meeting to share screens and exchange ideas and best practices regarding CRM and SharePoint integration.


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