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Dianna Davis - Dynamics Objects

PDF “Word Template” to DocuSign & upload to SharePoint with Workflow

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Great new feature just added to Dynamics PDF-Docs to automate full E-Signature process with DocuSign.

  1. Document is generated in CRM using Word Template
  2. One click to PDF the document and attach it to Notes, using Dynamics PDF-Docs
  3. Complete process where to sign using DocuSign (if required)
  4. DocuSign manages the E-Signature process in background
  5. The signed document is attached to Notes (by DocuSign)  with the suffix _Sign to the original file name
  6. PDF-Docs workflows identifies the signed document and uploads it to SharePoint with metadata from the record’s fields.

Click here to download Dynamics PDF-Docs trial version

The workflow has 1 step: Notes to SP which is configured as in this image


The credentials to SharePoint and location where to save the documents are in the solution configuration page





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