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SharePoint Connector to Dynamics 365

We are excited to release SP2CRM Connector, an additional product in serious of tools aiming to improve Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint.

With SP2CRM Connector, Lists in SharePoint are created and synchronized with records of CRM entities. Users can configure up to 10 attributes from any CRM entity, as well as applying CRM View, to filter just the required records to be sync with the SharePoint List.

SP2CRM connector helps organizing CRM documents in SharePoint. When Documents are uploaded to SharePoint with metadata, with tools like Dynamics SharePoint Organizer (SPO), a selected lookup column is customized to link to the corresponding field in SharePoint synchronized with CRM records.

Consider this scenario. Service Contracts are uploaded to SharePoint as documents that are initially created by CRM users. The documents are linked to accounts. The CRM user has access to the account details to view relevant details the user may need during the service contract period.
A SharePoint user collaborating with the CRM team, does not have access to view details from the account’s record related to the same document. By creating Accounts List in SharePoint, selected fields which can facilitate the work of SharePoint users, are now available in SharePoint, without compromising CRM security.

SP2CRM Connector is one of Dynamics Objects CRM add-on to improve CRM integration with SharePoint. Other products to support better CRM integration with SharePoint:

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Dynamics PDF-Docs (Read more) – PDF CRM Word-Templates and upload documents to SharePoint

All our products uploads documents with metadata from CRM records. Read about metadata 



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