GDPR: How Will It Impact CRM?

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GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic!

The countdown to this new EU regulation is well underway, but what does it mean for your own business?

As a Microsoft CRM partner that implements Dynamics 365, Preact frequently speak to SMB's seeking GDPR advice.

That's why we were delighted to host a webinar this month to offer clarity about this regulation.

Our guest speakers were from technology lawyers, Clayden Law and Me Learning, a leading provider of accredited e-learning.

We provided an introduction to GDPR and shared insight about what this means for CRM data management.

We then shared a series of vital considerations for CRM owners in readiness for May 2018 when this regulation comes into force.

Microsoft has stated Dynamics 365 and its cloud services will be GDPR compliant. In the meantime, what should you do now to ensure your usage of this technology will comply with this regulation?

We discuss the challenges of preparing for GDPR and concluded by demonstrating role-based e-learning from Me Learning.

We've listed a timeline if you want to jump directly to any of the key points featured.

GDPR Webinar Timeline

  • 03:10 - how organisations will be affected by GDPR, and what the main changes are
  • 05:30 - the role of CRM data processors & data controllers
  • 07:23 - how GDPR changes requirements for accountability & trasparency
  • 09:47 - 3 crucial conditions to lawfully process personal data in CRM
  • 10:37 - deeper dive into the requirements for consent in the context of CRM
  • 12:25 - what marketing & sales leaders should pay attention to
  • 16:43 - 5 considerations for CRM owners
  • 19:30 - key roles in an organisation that will be impacted by GDPR
  • 23:48 - the explosion in GDPR content and the challenge in knowing where to start
  • 25:25 - How Me Learning & Clayden Law have developed a expert GDPR e-learning solution
  • 28:18 - demonstration of this interactive e-learning & accompanying course documents

About Preact

Preact are a UK based Microsoft Gold Partner implementing and supporting CRM solutions since 1993.

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